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Cheerful Gifts For Plant Lovers

Get in touch with your inner plant mum!  Bring cheer to the everyday with thoughtfully designed gifts for plant lovers and plant mums.

Handcrafted with joy in the UK.

Big flower face oak earrings

Earrings For Plant Lovers

Get creative with an assortment of solid oak and acrylic statement earrings.

Yellow acrylic plant marker Keep Growing

Herb and Plant Markers

Jazz up your indoor plants and herbs with a positive plant marker.

Wooden wall hanging banner for plant lovers


Add personality to your living space with positive and quirky wooden banners.

This is me! Ruth from Jolly Dee

Keep growing and enjoy the journey - About me

Cheerfulness is a choice to be noticeably happy and optimistic. Many comment that I always look happy. I try my best to be cheerful which helps me to focus on the positives in everyday situations. I strive to bring this cheerfulness as a value to Jolly Dee – an old English expression meaning ‘Jolly Delightful’!


I hope that my plant loving products will give you the spark to make you and your home feel more individual, colourful and positive!



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