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From Seaside Dreams to Blooming Business: The Journey of Jolly Dee

I don’t think I have a “long story short” but I’ll try..

Hello, if anyone is reading this [insert awkward wave]!

Ever felt the urge to turn a childhood passion into a thriving business? That's exactly what happened to me, Ruth, the founder of Jolly Dee.

From seaside dreams to blooming business: The journey of Jolly Dee

A Childhood Full of Creativity

My love for creativity started young, much to the amusement (and slight exasperation) of my Mum Wendy. Picture a trail of sellotape leading to unfinished inventions and disassembled objects – that was me!

Summer holidays were magical escapes from the classroom. Armed with overflowing bags of craft supplies and a yearning for adventure, I'd pile into the car with my Mum and Nan, Doris. Road trips were a delightful mix of countryside adventures, museum visits, and pitstops for coffee and Kit-Kats (a road trip essential!).

Seaside Inspiration and Dreams of a Cottage Industry

Norfolk, with its charming seaside town of Wells-Next-The-Sea and Holkham Beach, held a special place in our hearts. We'd huddle behind a windbreak, sipping coffee and devouring my Nan's legendary Parkin cake. While the grown-ups delved into murder mystery books (bedtime reading material for me), I'd lose myself in craft books, dreaming of owning a little business brimming with my handmade treasures.

Practicality and a Renewed Spark of Creativity

Fast forward to adulthood, and despite pursuing creative A-Levels, self-doubt steered me towards a practical career as a qualified business administrator for the NHS. Marriage to my husband Darran in 2002 brought new joys, including the role of step-mum. Part-time work allowed me to indulge in my creative side, crafting tiaras and adorable Fimo monster keyrings that found happy homes on eBay.

The Rise of Etsy and Folksy and a New Path

The early 2000s ushered in a turning point. The internet opened doors I never knew existed, and the launch of Etsy and then Folksy was a revelation. Here was a vibrant community of passionate individuals, all driven to create and sell their unique wares! I delved wholeheartedly into the world of stationery, even acquiring a vintage letterpress machine (a project that sadly never quite came to fruition).

Embracing Design and Supporting My Husband's Business

Instead, I honed my skills, becoming a self-taught graphic designer. I started with basic branding for local businesses and then graduated to building simple websites. In 2008, my husband's career shift to carpet cleaning presented the perfect opportunity. He needed a website and administrative support, and voila! I donned the hats of admin extraordinaire, web designer, apprentice, and all-around business guru for his cleaning company!

Jolly Dee Blooms: A Haven for Plant Lovers

But the yearning to create physical products lingered. Juggling work, family, and occasional health challenges wasn't easy, but the past few years have seen Jolly Dee blossom into the business I envisioned. Launched in June 2023, Jolly Dee is a constant work in progress, a curated haven for thoughtfully designed products aimed at indoor plant lovers, those who appreciate flowers and nature, and anyone seeking to cultivate joy and positivity in their lives.

Join me on this journey! Explore my about page to learn more, and visit my Folksy shop to discover delightful gifts for the plant lovers in your life.


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